MUKO-Consulting – Your Global Business Partner,  offers you the best Service

MUKO-Consulting offers you the individuelle Consulting Service more then 40 years in the same Place, with practicale experience in business trough visiting more then 50 Countries and about more then 3000 Industriell contacts, can MUKO-Consulting help you to grow your existing and for the future planing business.

MUKO-Consulting can help you to bring your Products in new Markets, can be your Representance, Distributor or your Agency in the new Market.

In short time, we will be able to have an own depo in Austria and in the Swiss, where our online Customers can buy our Products directly from their own country. Elso the selling to the Benelux Countries (Netherland, Belgieq, Luxemburg), will start in the new year.

We work mainly in the European-Union Market and Turkey. We propose Products from Europe-Union and Turkey to Asia or Russia and elso from this countries to EU.

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